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Department of Human Services, Victoria, Australia
Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund

Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund

Fund Payments

The remaining funds are being distributed as individuals apply for new support gifts, community-rebuilding initiatives come online, and as new programs, projects and services are delivered to those in need.

Below is a list of all payments the Appeal Fund has made available to bushfire-affected individuals and communities (the majority of these gifts are now closed).

Payment Purpose Open/Closed
Compassion and Bereavement To provide immediate support to those families that have lost loved ones in the 2009 Victorian bushfires. Closed
Initial Home Dislocation To assist people who lost their principal place of residence or were otherwise unable to return to their home. Closed
Tools of Trade To assist people who lost equipment vital to their trade and employment (including safety equipment) and are an employee working for a registered business. Closed
Payment Purpose Open/Closed
Destroyed Homes To assist home owner/occupiers whose principal place of residence was destroyed by the bushfires. Closed
Damaged Homes To assist with the repair of bushfire damage to homes, outbuildings or other structures to your principal place of residence. Closed
Tenant Contents To assist tenants whose primary place of residence was destroyed by the bushfires to replace lost or damaged contents. Closed
Home Under Construction To assist owners of residential properties which were under construction and destroyed in the 2009 Victorian Bushfires. Closed
Household Repairs A short-term measure to help people affected by the bushfires to make minor repairs to property, due to fire water or smoke damage, or other repairs. Closed
Rural Properties Recovery To assist individual rural landowners in the bushfire affected areas who have suffered hardship. Closed
Safe Removal of Hazardous Trees To help residents in bushfire-affected areas meet the cost of assessing and removing hazardous trees on their private properties Closed
Primary Producers Repair and Restoration To help primary producers who have suffered loss or damage to their properties as a result of the bushfires. Closed
Payment Purpose Open/Closed

Compassionate Financial Support

To provide some financial assistance to individuals who lost an immediate family member in the 2009 bushfires and are suffering financial hardship due to that loss.


Financial Hardship & In Need of Permanent Accommodation Gift To provide financial assistance to owners of a Principle Place of Residence (PPR) that was destroyed in the 2009 Victorian bushfires who are experiencing financial hardship and are not yet in permanent accommodation. Closed
Permanently Impaired Gift To provide financial assistance to individuals who, as a direct result of the 2009 Victorian bushfires, have sustained physical or psychological injuries that have resulted in a permanent impairment and are experiencing financial hardship. Closed
Psychological Support Packages To provide support for children and young adults, counselling services for people who need more support and forums in which people can share their experiences. Closed
Psychological Support Package 2 To provide support for older people, families, men and women, who may be experiencing stress, trauma and isolation, to cope and reconnect with their communities. Closed
Exceptional Hardship To assist individuals and small businesses facing immediate hardship, distress or misfortune as a result of their contribution to the bushfire effort. Closed
Severe Injury To assist people who have been hospitalised and require surgery or further hospital treatment. Closed
Severe Injury Transition to Home To assist severely injured victims of the 2009 bushfires with their transition from hospital to home.


Winter Needs To assist families and individuals to buy the essentials they need this winter.


Transitional Support To support those who lost their primary residence in the bushfires in their transition to permanent accommodation.


Scholarships To provide financial support to students undertaking undergraduate or vocational studies who have suffered financial hardship as a result of the 2009 bushfires. Closed
Bushfire Recovery Wellness Voucher Program To provide for allied health or complimentary therapy sessions to individuals directly affected by the 2009 bushfires. Closed
Further Housing Assistance Gift To provide further assistance to people to help finalise their housing circumstances. Closed