Prahran estate renewal

Prahran estate buildings and playground
Prahran estate buildings and playground

Renewal of the Prahran housing estate

In 2010 the Australian Government funded the Victorian Government to construct 188 new homes on the corner of Malvern and Surrey Roads, South Yarra at a cost of $62 million.

As part of this funding agreement, the Victorian Government, through the Department of Health & Human Services, is required to develop and deliver a masterplan to guide future renewal of the Horace Petty estate. In August 2013, the Victorian Government expanded the masterplan to include the smaller estates in the precinct at Bangs, King and Essex streets, Prahran.

What is a masterplan?

A masterplan is a document that outlines a long-term vision to guide development and growth of a community. The masterplan for Prahran’s housing estates is also called the Prahran renewal plan.

What is included in the Prahran renewal plan?

The Department of Health & Human Services is developing a masterplan to guide long-term physical renewal of Prahran’s housing estates. The plan will be a guide for future designs to improve housing, outdoor areas and facilities and to help increase the supply of well-located affordable housing.

The plan shows:

  • Which buildings and features should be retained
  • The locations and height ranges of any new buildings
  • How streets, paths and spaces would be connected, within the site and with surrounding precincts
  • The suggested relationships between buildings and outdoor spaces
  • The activities and uses which could take place within the site.

The goal of the Prahran renewal plan is to create a sustainable and well-integrated neighbourhood where residents can thrive.

Prahran renewal submissions now closed

The call for submissions on the masterplan for the renewal of Prahran’s housing estates closed at 5pm, Friday 18 September, 2015.

The department would like to thank everyone who participated either by way of phone or email feedback, an open submission via our website, or attendance at a community engagement session.

A report detailing the findings from this community engagement will be released in due course.


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