Prahran estate renewal

Artist's Impression of Prahran Estate

Artist's impression of the Prahran redevelopmentIn 2010 the Australian Government funded the Victorian Government to construct 188 new homes on the corner of Malvern and Surrey Roads, South Yarra at a cost of $62 million. As part of this funding agreement, the Victorian Government, through the Department of Human Services, is required to develop and approve a masterplan to guide future renewal of the Horace Petty (Prahran) estate.

The goal of this plan is to create a liveable, sustainable and well-integrated neighbourhood that people enjoy living in, can contribute to and in which they can thrive.

Developing the Prahran renewal plan

The Prahran renewal plan (or masterplan) is an overall development concept for future physical renewal of the estate over the next 20 to 30 years. It will include:

  • Buildings and features to be retained
  • The locations and heights of any new buildings
  • How streets, paths and spaces are to be connected, both within the site and with surrounding precincts
  • The suggested relationship between buildings and outdoor spaces
  • The activities and uses which will take place within the site.

The Prahran renewal plan will need to be matched with a proposal for a staged delivery strategy.

It will apply to the Horace Petty estate only, which is bounded by Malvern and Surrey Roads, Bray and Simmons Streets.

How is the plan being developed?

The masterplan is being developed incrementally over three main phases, each with extensive opportunities for community and professional input. The plan is being developed with input from:

  • estate residents and surrounding neighbours
  • service providers
  • representatives from the City of Stonnington
  • professionals including HASSELL architects, landscapers and arborists, urban and social planners, structural engineers, sustainability and traffic consultants.

The Office of the Victorian Government Architect is peer-reviewing the plan from a design perspective through its Victorian Design Review Panel.

Goals and key principles for the renewal plan

The goal of the masterplan is to create a liveable, sustainable and well-integrated neighbourhood that people enjoy living in, can contribute to and in which they can thrive.

A set of principles developed during early stages of the masterplanning process provides the framework for the Prahran renewal plan.

Community and professional input into the renewal plan

The masterplan is being developed over three main phases and with substantial community and professional input:

  1. Phase one took place between September 2011 and September 2012 and included completion of background studies and community consultation on the renewal priorities for the site.
  2. Phase two is underway and takes into account the input from phase one. During 2013, the project design team will develop options for the renewal plan, which will be presented to the community for feedback at the end of this process.
  3. Feedback from phase two will be used in phase three, where the plan will be finalised and submitted for planning approval and further community comment.

The final masterplan for the Prahran estate is expected to be approved in 2015. The community will be kept informed throughout this process.


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