Markham Estate redevelopment

Demolition February 2016 3
The Victorian Government is redeveloping the former Markham Avenue public housing estate in Ashburton to provide more social housing for Victorians in need of affordable rental housing. 

The redevelopment is in line with the Victorian Government’s commitment to provide housing for disadvantaged people that enables them to contribute to and fully participate in a vibrant local community.

Artist impression of Markham Avenue 

The Director of Housing – as landowner – requires its appointed developer, Places Victoria, to build 62 public housing units on-site to replace the previous 56 run-down units – a 10 per cent increase. This new housing will better match local demand and offer energy-efficient, accessible designs in a vibrant and integrated community.

The much-needed affordable social housing is planned to be completed in late-2018.

Update – 23 December 2016

Places Victoria has submitted a revised planning application, taking account of community and stakeholder feedback, to the Minister for Planning. It is proposed the Minister be the authority that considers the planning application.

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Project timeline to date

  • December 2016 - Revised development plans submitted to the Minister for Planning to consider
  • November 2016 - Community engagement completed by Places Victoria, based on draft plans for the site
  • September 2016 - Places Victoria, the government’s development agency, is signed by DHHS to develop the site
  • February 2016 - Final building is demolished
  • December 2015 - Site clearance and building demolition commences
  • November 2015 - Final public housing tenant is relocated – with relocated tenants having a right to return
  • September 2015 - Victorian Government announces the redevelopment, including the addition of private housing
  • November 2014 - Commitment made by the now-Government to demolish the estate and ‘start again’

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