Apology for Past Adoption Practices

Victorian Parliament apology to people affected by past forced adoption practices

On Thursday, 25 October 2012, the Victorian Parliament formally apologised to the mothers, fathers, sons and daughters affected by past forced adoption practices in Victoria.

The Victorian Government announced a number of additional measures to better respond to the needs of people who were affected by forced adoption practices including the establishment of a program to build specialist competencies in post forced-adoption psychotherapy for qualified counsellors and amending the Adoption Act 1984 to allow birth parents to receive identifying information about adopted people.

People affected by past adoption practices now have free access to Family Information Networks and Discovery to obtain copies of available adoption records, and receive assistance to locate, contact and where possible mediate between family members separated by adoption, and referral to appropriate support and counselling services. Additional information, including the contact details of adoption agencies can be found on the Adoption Records page on this site. 

Those affected by past forced adoption practices can seek support by contacting VANISH who run regular support groups and provide referrals to counsellors. Visit the VANISH website for more information and for a range of useful links. (External site, opens in a new window)

To order a copy of the apology as a DVD, please contact Robyn Gumley by email at robyn.gumley@dhs.vic.gov.au or call 03 9096 7366.

To view the Hansard record of the apology motion and the speeches that followed, please visit the Parliament of Victoria website. (External site, opens in a new window)

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