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The 2011 Looking After Children Outcomes Data Project findings

In late 2011, the Department of Human Services undertook a project to investigate how children in Victoria’s out-of-home care services were faring.

The project analysed 40 outcome measures for 511 children in care across the seven areas of development identified in the Looking After Children practice framework. These measures were derived from de-identified client assessment records completed by care teams in 2010–11. Findings for 16 of these measures were able to be compared with findings from the same measures analysed in the 2007 Looking After Children Outcomes Data Project.

The findings from the 2011 project show that the majority of children and young people in the sample had achieved positive outcomes in most areas of their lives. Of the approximately 60 per cent of the children and young people in the 2011 sample who had been in care long enough to have had a previous assessment, around half had improved outcomes across all areas of their life after they came into care. However, the findings also show that there was a sizable minority (up to 40 per cent) who were not doing well in at least some areas of their lives.

A report summarising the key findings from this project has now been completed. This report has information about:

  • children and young people doing well in care and those with poorer outcomes
  • the progress of children and young people after they came into care
  • their development in particular areas of their lives, such as their health, emotional and behavioural development, education, and family and social relationships
  • the 2010–11 findings compared to the 2007 findings
  • particular groups of children and young people in care, specifically those with a disability or a serious health condition and Aboriginal children, compared to others in care.

The 2011 Looking After Children Outcomes Data Project - summary of findings is available to download on this site.

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