Looking After Children records

Looking After Children includes a set of practice tools that prompt good practice and which also comprise the main client records kept by the community service organisation (CSO) providing the out-of-home care placement (also referred to as the placement agency). 

The four key LAC tools that support care teams are:

  1. the Essential Information Record
  2. the Care and Placement Plan (which is an essential component of the overall statutory Best Interests Case Plan)
  3. the Assessment and Progress Record which has six different age related formats: less than 12 months, 1-2 years, 3-4 years. 5-9 years, 10-14 years and 15+
  4. the Review of the Care and Placement Plan

All the Looking After Children tools are copyright and licence protected. The Victorian versions of the Essential Information Record, The Care and Placement Plan and the Review of the Care and Placement Plan are part of the electronic client information system (known as CRIS - Client Relationships Information System and CRISSP - Client Relationships Information System for Service Providers) used by CSOs who are funded to provide out-of-home care in Victoria.

The recently revised set of Assessment and Progess Records used in Victoria is an off-line electronic version (currently being tested in practice prior to their planned incorporation within CRIS and CRISSP).

Community service organisations registered to provide out-of-home care in Victoria can download the templates from the Funded Agency Channel.

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