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Family UnitImplementing Looking After Children (LAC) in Out-of-Home Care services in Victoria is a joint initiative of all the community service organisations (CSO)across Victoria who deliver out of home care services for children and young people, and the Department of Human Services (DHS). LAC provides a framework for identifying the needs of children and young people and developing plans which aim to meet these needs.

At a simple level, the LAC framework attempts to strengthen communication and collaboration between carers, DHS staff, CSO staff, other professionals, clients and their families. It prompts all members of the child's out of home care team to consider the things any good parent would naturally consider when caring for their own children. It also provides CSOs with a common framework for their client records systems which contains all of the information they require to look after a child or young person in the care of their organisation.

This web page has been created primarily to provide a resource for those people who are implementing LAC in Victorian out-of-home care services.

Thank you for your interest and support.

Elizabeth Armitage
Acting Director
Child Protection, Placement and Family Services
Department of Human Services
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