Office for Disability

The Office for Disability leads and supports Victorian Government effort to help improve the lives of people with a disability and drive universal change.

The first of its kind in Australia, the Office for Disability was established in 2006. The Office’s mandate is to put disability on the agenda across the Victorian Government.

The Office works to implement a coordinated, Victorian Government response to disability. Its aim is to improve the lives of people with a disability and help address barriers to community participation.

The Office's role includes:

  • Providing expert support and policy advice to the Minister for Community Services
  • Supporting the Victorian Disability Advisory Council
  • Leading the development and implementation of Victorian Government policy for people with a disability
  • Working to improve community attitudes to disability
  • Running programs that support people with a disability to speak for themselves and protect their rights.

What we do

The Office for Disability works to implement a coordinated, whole-of-government response to disability. What we do can be described as:

  • Coordinate Victoria's input into federal and state policy development and implementation in partnership with key stakeholders, including the National Disability Strategy
  • Develop the Victorian state disability plan 2013-2016
  • Coordinate meetings of the Inter-departmental committee on disability
  • Research and policy analysis
  • Support the disability advocacy program, including self-advocacy and self-help grants
  • Work with private and public sector partners to promote inclusion of people with a disability in arts, sport, recreation, leisure and tourism
  • Facilitate the delivery of the Disability Employment Advisory Service (DEAS) to advance the employment and retention of people a disability in the Victorian Public Service
  • Build inclusive organisations to support people with a disability through disability action planning.
  • Provide support to the Victorian Disability Advisory Council
  • Develop strategies to improve community attitudes and behaviour
  • Manage the DiVine website, an online community for and by people with a disability.

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