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08 September 2014

Gill Callister, Secretary of the Department of Human Services and Richard Bolt, Secretary of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development co-hosted a Children and Youth Area Partnerships workshop on Thursday, 31 July 2014.

The workshop was an opportunity for members of the eight Area Partnership launch sites to explore the Area Partnerships model and learn more about expectations for this initiative.  Attendees included representatives from the Victorian Government, local government and the community sector.

Participants discussed a series of topics, including: a trauma informed approach to supporting vulnerable children and young people; engaging universal services; learning from existing place-based initiatives such as Regional Aboriginal Justice Advisory Committees; and insights from Flexible Learning Options (FLO) Connect – a school re-engagement project from Mildura which has been successful in reaching out to young people.

The implementation of Children and Youth Area Partnerships is a key initiative under the whole-of-government Victoria’s Vulnerable Children – Our Shared Responsibility Strategy 2013–2022. Area Partnerships will be established in the 17 Department of Human Services local areas, starting with eight launch sites to develop and test the model. The partnerships will be charged with:

  1. Supporting the learning and development of all children and young people, particularly those at risk of disengaging or have disengaged
  2. Creating safe and supportive communities and environments in which children and young people live free of abuse and neglect.

This exciting initiative takes a place-based approach to improving outcomes for vulnerable children and young people in Victoria. The focus on joining up the efforts of key partners at a local area level will ensure that action and strategies to improve outcomes, is appropriate and responsive to the needs of local communities.

To view a video about the workshop or to find out more about Area Partnerships, please visit the Children and Youth Area Partnerships page.

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