Positive behaviour support course

Positive behaviour support learning program – learner’s resource

The Positive Behaviour Support learning program is designed as a three day learning program for disability accommodation support staff.

The learner’s guide is designed to assist throughout the three day program, and provide a resource to utilise in ongoing implementation of Positive Behaviour Support strategies throughout everyday work practice.

Positive behaviour support is a team-based approach and in completing this course, you will work with your staffing team to:

  • Work through the steps for gathering information about the individual
  • Describe, measure/record and identify the function of behaviours
  • Articulate the components of the positive behaviour support framework
  • Plan and use a range of immediate response strategies
  • Explain to all members of an individual’s circle of support including: family, support teams, managers, Community Visitors, and others your rationale for strategies/decisions.
  • Work together, consistently as a team to implement the plan you develop.


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