Making the Connection - Chapter 7 Welcome to My Home

Interpreting in The Home Environment

Many interpreting sessions occur within the home or an unfamiliar environment. The skills required for working with an interpreter remain the same, but there are a number of specific techniques that need to be employed to suit each environment.

When scheduling an interpreting session within a person’s home, always arrange a briefing session with the interpreter prior to entering the premises. Think about where you can talk in relative privacy so as not alarm the resident you are visiting or a suspicious neighbour. A quick brief provides an opportunity for you discuss the material to be covered with the interpreter prior to meeting the client and to discuss any relevant individual or cultural sensitivities with the interpreter.

Once inside the home, it is important to find a balance between respecting the wishes of the owner/occupier and asserting your role as facilitator of the interpreting session and maintaining control of any unexpected occurrences or distractions is integral in communicating clearly with your client.

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