Bar None education - Bar None Community Awareness Kit for Schools

The Bar None Community Awareness Kit for Schools provides information and curriculum support for teachers. It helps teachers to:

  • Enhance their knowledge and understanding of disability
  • Create a welcoming, inclusive school community
  • Foster a culture of openness and discussion around disability.

The kit includes information, a DVD, curriculum units, a train the trainer module and a guest speaker database.


The DVD showcases a number of young people with a disability. It also shows their families, teachers and principals. It highlights the skills, aspirations and contributions that all students with a disability make to their school and wider communities. The Curriculum Units and Train the Trainer Module reference the DVD. Speak to your Principal regarding the location of the DVD in your school.


Teacher information booklet

The teacher information booklet provides teachers with general information and aims for a broad-brush understanding of some key issues related to disability. This includes key statistics, definitions and some suggestions for practical ways to create welcoming classrooms.

Curriculum units

The 15 curriculum units are mapped to the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. They include practical and engaging classroom activities for teachers to incorporate into their teaching and learning programs. The units target teachers of Prep to Year 8. But there are ideas and techniques that can be used by all teachers.

Train the Trainer module

The Train the Trainer module provides teachers with support regarding the use and practical application of the kit. It is recognised by the Victorian Institute of Teaching. It references the standards of professional practice for renewal of registration.

Guest speaker database

The guest speaker database provides contact details of organisations who visit schools to speak on disability in general or specific impairment types.

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