Application for ongoing disability support forms

If you have support needs related to your disability that cannot be met by family, friends, or other services in the community, you can ask for support from Disability Services. This application is for the following ongoing disability supports:

There are a number of requirements you need to meet before you can submit an application to register on the Disability Support Register. Ensuring you have met these requirements will make it easier to answer all the questions in the application form and will help make a quick decision about your application.

Completing the application form – help guide

The help guide has been developed to assist you complete the application for ongoing disability supports. It provides information about who can apply, why the questions are being asked, how the information is used and what information to include when answering the questions.

Ongoing disability support application

If you are requesting Supported Accommodation (with or without an Individual Support Package), download the Ongoing disability support application form on this page.

If you are requesting an Individual Support Package only, download the Individual Support Package application form on this page.

Electronic or hand-written application

You can complete the application on computer and submit the application electronically. Using this method will make it easier for you to update your information if your situation changes.

If you do not have access to a computer, you can download the application form designed for written information. Attach additional information on a separate sheet if the form does not allow enough space.

Where to send your application

You can send your completed application to your regional office. Office details including email addresses are on the application form.

Further information

  • Planning Policy – information for disability services providers about how to undertake planning with people who have a disability
  • Planning Resource Kit and Implementation Guide – information for Department of Human Services and community service organisation staff, who provide assistance with planning and are involved in the development and bringing about of support plans under the Disability Act 2006.


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