Human Services Standards

What are the Human Services Standards?

The Human Services Standards (Standards) (gazetted as Department of Health and Human Services Standards) represent a single set of service quality standards for department funded service providers and department-managed services. The Standards comprise the department’s four service delivery standards and the governance and management standards of a department endorsed independent review body.

The Standards help to meet the Victorian Government’s commitment to reducing red tape faced by funded service providers by streamlining departmental accreditation requirements. On 1 July 2012, the Standards replaced the former program specific standards: Standards for Disability Services in Victoria, Registration Standards for Community Service Organisations and Homelessness Assistance Services Standards.

The Standards and independent review process seek to ensure that people experience the same quality of service no matter which service provider they access. The Standards aim to:

  • embed and promote rights for people accessing services
  • assure the community that service providers are providing services that meet clients’ needs
  • develop a common and systemic approach to quality review processes
  • build greater transparency in quality requirements between the department, service providers, clients and the community
  • enable service providers to select an independent review body from an approved panel that meets their requirements and expectations
  • foster a culture of continuous quality improvement that is embedded in everyday practice and supports the meaningful participation of people in giving feedback about the services they require and the quality of services they receive
  • reduce red tape to help ensure service providers have more time and resources to provide services by reducing the number of quality reviews they are required to undertake.

The Standards are summarised as:

  • Empowerment: People’s rights are promoted and upheld.
  • Access and Engagement: People’s right to access transparent, equitable and integrated services is promoted and upheld.
  • Wellbeing: People’s right to wellbeing and safety is promoted and upheld.
  • Participation: People’s right to choice, decision making and to actively participate as a valued member of their chosen community is promoted and upheld.

Human Services Standards policy

The Human Services Standards policy sets out the requirements for department-funded service providers that receive funding in scope of the Standards and registration under the Disability Act 2006 and/or Children, Youth and Families Act 2005.

Service providers that deliver services directly to clients are required to undertake one full certification review against the Standards in every three-year period, as well as maintain certification through the participation in mid-cycle audits (at least every eighteen months, as per the process of the endorsed independent review body).

Easy English versions of the Standards

The Standards have been developed in Easy English as a word only version and with pictures version. The documents are titled Rules: We call them the Human Services Standards.

Human Services Standards evidence guide and resource tool

The Human Services Standards evidence guide (evidence guide) provides further information about the Standards and supports service providers to undertake an independent review against the Standards and meet the requirements of the Standards. The evidence guide has been updated to include an Aboriginal culturally informed addendum.

The evidence guide, including the Aboriginal culturally informed addendum, is not a checklist but a guide to evidence that demonstrates a service provider meets the Standards.

An Aboriginal culturally informed resource tool has been designed to be used by service providers in conjunction with the evidence guide and culturally informed addendum.

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