Disability accommodation staff induction program day 2 session 2

Guidelines and relevant resources

Broad topic
Specific content to be covered under broad topic heading Relevant unit of competency Guidelines and relevant resources
Occupational health and safety
Roles and responsibilities of the worker

Risk Hazard Assessment and risk control procedures

Manual Handling

Infection prevention and control

Managing stress

Disease Incident Near Miss Accident (DINMA) reports

Serious incident notifications
CHCOHS312A - Follow safety procedures for direct care work
Residential Services Practice Manual Section 3:Ensuring a safe environment
3.1 Occupational health and safety
3.2 Workplace safety inspections
3.3 Manual handling
3.4 Occupational violence
3.5 Vehicle safety
3.6 Hazardous substances
3.7 Smoke-free environment
3.8 Fire and emergency procedures
3.9 Electrical safety
3.10 Infection prevention and control overview
3.10.1 Standard precautions
3.10.2 Body fluid spills and personal hygiene support
3.10.3 Infectious disease outbreak and additional precautions
3.12 First aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation
3.13 Issue resolution
3.14 Disease, incident, near-miss accident (DINMA) reports
3.15 Serious incident notification to WorkSafe Victoria

Worksafe Victoria (3rd ed) (2009) Transferring people safely

Worksafe Victoria Community Services

Blue book Guidelines for the control of infectious diseases

Infection prevention and control in disability residential services (DVD)


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