CHCCS305A - Assist Clients with Medication


  • Prepare to assist with medication
  • Prepare the client for assistance with administration of medication
  • Assist / support client with administration of medication
  • Assist / support medication administration according to prescription / instructions
  • Comply with organisations procedures for handling the range of issues / contingencies which may arise
  • Complete the distribution and administration of medication

Content to include


Relevant resources

Residential Services Practice Manual Section 5: Supporting Health and wellbeing
5.6 Medication
5.6.1 Authorisation and review of medication
5.6.2 Obtaining and storing medication
5.6.3 Administration of medication
5.6.4 Recording and communication about medication
5.6.5 Medication when the person is away from home
5.6.6 Problems with medication

Medi-World Live (Administration of medication in disability residential services)
Department of Human Services
© State of Victoria 2009
(Can be obtained through Workforce Development and Learning)

Administration of Medication Checklist
Workforce Development and Learning
Disability Services Division
Department of Human Services 2010

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