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Vulnerable people in emergencies policy

The Department of Human Services and Department of Health are responsible for development of the Vulnerable People in Emergencies Policy, November 2012 (the policy). The policy responds to Recommendation 3 of the Victorian Bushfires Royal Commission Final Report, and related recommendations and is developed to improve the safety of vulnerable people in emergencies, through supporting emergency planning with and for vulnerable people. 

The policy strengthens and supersedes the existing bushfire specific Vulnerable People in Bushfire Risk Areas Policy 2011-12.

Key changes to the policy are to:

  • streamline collection and availability of information on consenting, identified vulnerable people through the establishment of web-based Vulnerable Persons Registers, accessible to authorised Victoria Police for emergency planning and response
  • promote broader emergency planning and to enable the policy and registers to be used to plan and respond to a range of emergencies (including flood)
  • include people not receiving services.

Agencies funded to provide personal care, support and case management services to people living in the community have a key role in relation to the safety and welfare of clients. The policy utilises the existing relationships and agency role in supporting clients to improve their safety and resilience through promoting personal emergency planning.

The policy applies to agencies providing relevant services who are funded by the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services and it can also be applied by Commonwealth funded agencies and other providers.

Agencies funded by the Department of Health and the Department of Human Services are required to participate in implementing the policy through funding agreements, where applicable.

For further information, and to view the relevant attachments, visit the service agreement information kit website at: