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UPDATED: Latest FAC changes

UPDATED: 14 July 2017

A big thank you!

We recently emailed you asking for input into the layout of the new FAC website. When structuring the content, we want to ensure it is easy to use, easy to navigate and most importantly, best meets your needs.

The majority of respondents suggested the same arrangement for the content, meaning you were all on the same page. In addition, an overwhelming number of you suggested splitting 'Training and Resources' into two items: 'Training' and 'Tools and Resources'. As a direct result of your feedback, we have made this change along with a number of others.

What's next?

We are currently working on the design and layout of the new site so if you have any ideas or suggestions about features we could include, get in touch with us at:

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey. We are looking forward to unveiling the new site soon!

UPDATED: 29 May 2017

Earlier this year, the Service Agreement Communications team emailed all FAC users to announce that the site would be redeveloped.

The project is being completed in two major phases, with the first being to restructure the existing content and menu structure. The second phase, which is scheduled for mid 2017, involves redesigning the layout, look and feel of the site along with transitioning it to a new platform.

Over the past few months, you may have noticed phase one changes occurring.

Main improvements

Here's a quick summary of the main improvements we have made:

  • Removed outdated content
  • Simplified the left hand side navigation menu to make it easier to find the information you're after
  • Rearranged and renamed some of the site's major sections to better reflect the content they contain
  • Merged the Spotlight and News pages to create a one-stop-shop for information about news and events 

What's next?

We will be progressively updating FAC over the upcoming weeks so if you have any ideas or suggestions about features we could include in the major redevelopment of FAC, get in touch with us at:

We look forward to introducing you to the new FAC in mid 2017!