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Stage 1. Define

Prior to conducting interviews, using any tests or even advertising vacancies, it is necessary to clarify the role and the type of person you need to satisfactorily complete this work. At a minimum this involves conducting a job analysis and capability analysis and then using this information to develop a job description. Remember, the better the role is defined, the higher the chance of choosing the right person for the job.

Defining a job includes the following tasks:

Job design

This will focus on what you need from the role. It should outline the goals to be achieved and address any past deficiencies identified. The job design should also outline the tasks you need performed and any particular skills and experience the job will require.

Job description

A well written job description should outline the:

  • Work environment a brief description of the organisation and where the job fits within it.
  • Purpose of the job an outline of the key reasons why the job exists and the tasks to be performed.
  • Key objectives of the role the key outcomes and responsibility of the role. The key objectives should eventually link directly to the performance plan for the role.
  • Selection criteria the key skills and experience required to achieve the key objectives of the role.
  • Personal attributes any personal attributes that would be of benefit in the person performing the role.
  • Other information including: 
    • the conditions and benefits on offer for the role
    • information on how to apply for the role
    • any pre-employment checks required for the role


The job classification will outline the level for the role and its associated remuneration package. This task involves matching the job description against generic job descriptions and classification structures. If your organisation does not have generic job descriptions and classification structures contact your peak body for advice.


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The material on this page has been adapted from information created by the Department of Human Services Human Resources Branch.

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