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Stage 2. Attract

Seeking and attracting a pool of qualified and interested applicants (both within and outside the organisation) involves determining where they can be found and how they can be best attracted to the job vacancy.

Attracting applicants includes the following tasks:

Organising your selection panel

Once you have decided to advertise a position, you need to consider the composition of your selection panel and their availability.

This will allow you to set aside possible dates early to undertake shortlisting and selection activities. By doing this before advertisement, you also have a better chance of scheduling a whole day for interviews, planning times and referee checks.

Although this may seem and appear to be early in the process, it is wise not to wait until the job is advertised and applications are received to secure panel members and schedule and organise your interviews.

The selection panel would ideally include:

  • the manager of the role who should chair the panel
  • two other people, preferably including an impartial representative from another area and members of both sexes.

Note: The interview panel should remain unchanged for all interviews for the role.

The panel will be responsible for:

  • shortlisting applicants
  • determining the assessment techniques to be used (for example scoring methods)
  • agreeing on the format of the interviews (for example questions and duration)
  • scheduling and conducting the interviews
  • arranging for someone to meet and greet applicants
  • conduct referee and other mandatory pre-employment checks
  • preparing a selection report
  • advising applicants of the outcome of the process (including providing feedback on their performance)
  • preparing a letter of offer for the successful candidate.

Advertising the role

Now that you have designed your job it is necessary for you to decide where you are going to advertise the job.

  • Are there skilled people within your organisation who can fill the role?
  • Does the role require broader advertising?

Once you have decided what target audience you are trying to reach, you then need to consider the following options for advertising:

  • Press - this includes all major, regional and local press
  • Specialised Press - for specific requirements eg Koori Mail to attract indigenous applicants
  • Internet Peak bodies and Professional Associations often have job boards that you might wish to use. There are also other more general job boards like My Career, Seek etc, which may be appropriate.
  • Advertising via a recruitment agency can decrease the workload of advertising the role and screening potential candidates, however it can also increase the costs. Before you undertake this method of advertising ask your Human Resources officer or manager whether there are any preferred recruitment agencies you should use.
  • Direct contact your organisation may allow you to contact several possible applicants for the role. Before you undertake this method of advertising ask your Human Resources officer or manager whether this is allowed.

Important features of advertising:

  • Advertising increases your chances of finding the best available applicants.
  • A well-positioned and well-written advertisement will target applicants that meet the requirements of the role.
  • A good advertisement will compel applicants to apply.

Investment in advertising is marginal compared to the costs of a bad recruitment decision.

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