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Industry training packages

What are training packages?

An industry Training Package is a set of nationally endorsed competency standards and qualifications used to recognise and assess the skills and knowledge people need to perform effectively in the workplace. Community Care Workers mostly undertake competencies and qualifications in the Community Services Training Package (CHCO2).

Training Packages describe what competencies need to be achieved, but do not prescribe how an individual should be trained. It is the responsibility of the Registered Training Organisation, through its trainers, to develop teaching strategies and assessment methods to meet the needs, abilities and circumstances of learners.

Purpose of training packages

  • Enable qualifications to be awarded through the direct assessment of competencies.
  • Encourage the development and delivery of training to suit individual needs.
  • Encourage learning in a workplace environment.
  • Provide a pool of employees who meet nationally recognised standards of competence in a particular area.

Benefits of training packages

  • Training designed to meet the needs and requirements of industry and standards set by industry.
  • Qualifications which are consistent and nationally recognised, making it easier for students to move between states and territories and for employers to hire people who have worked for other organisations or moved from interstate.
  • Students and employees have the flexibility to choose how, when and where the training is undertaken.
  • Individuals and organisations can be assured of the quality of training and qualifications.

Components of training packages

Each Training Package has two parts: endorsed components and support materials.

The three compulsory endorsed components of a Training Package are:

  1. National Competency Standards the skills and knowledge a person must be able to demonstrate at work are defined by industry and packaged into combinations that form various qualifications aligned to the Australian Qualifications Framework.
  2. National Qualifications all qualifications (certificate I, II, III, IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma) for an industry and the units of competency required for each qualification. For example, the Community Services Training Package (CHCO2) includes more than 40 qualifications and in excess of 300 units of competency.
  3. Assessment Guidelines the requirements for an individuals performance to meet the competency standards. They are designed to ensure judgements made by the people assessing the competence of an individuals performance are valid, reliable, fair and consistent.

Training Packages also include support materials (sometimes referred to as the non endorsed components) which are designed to support the delivery and assessment of the training. Generally they are either learning strategies, assessment resources or professional development advice.

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The material on this page has been adapted from the Home and Community Care (HACC) Community Care Worker Human Resources Kit 2007 (external link - opens in a new window).

Supported by the Community Sector Investment Fund (external link - opens in a new window).