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Australian Qualifications Framework

The Australian Qualifications Framework defines all nationally recognised qualifications. The vast majority of Australian qualifications are national, a few are state registered. The Australian Qualifications Framework provides a single framework for all qualifications from Certificate I to PhD.

The Australian Qualifications Framework:

  • Provides nationally consistent recognition of outcomes achieved in post compulsory education.
  • Provides flexible pathways which assist people to move between education and training sectors and between those sectors and the labour market.
  • Encourages individuals to progress through the levels of education and training by improving access to qualifications and clearly defining avenues for achievement.
  • Encourages the provision of vocational education and training through qualifications that meet workplace requirements and vocational needs.
  • Promotes national and international recognition of qualifications offered in Australia.

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The material on this page has been adapted from the Home and Community Care (HACC) Community Care Worker Human Resources Kit 2007 (external link - opens in a new window).

Supported by the Community Sector Investment Fund (external link - opens in a new window).