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What are Traineeships?

Australian Apprenticeships is the name given to all apprenticeships and Traineeships throughout Australia. This term is used because traditional apprenticeships have become more varied and flexible and Traineeships are now available in many more fields than ever before. Traineeship is the term used for qualifications in the Community Services Training Package (CHCO2).

Traineeships are competency based. Training can be on the job, off the job or a combination of both. Traineeships lead to obtaining nationally accredited qualifications and are delivered by Registered Training Organisations.

When you employ a trainee you will need to sign a legally binding training contract where you agree to provide training or access to training for your employee for the duration of the Traineeships. Trainees (and apprentices) attract government funding, paid to employers through Australian Apprenticeship Centres.

Trainees must be paid a training wage, however many organisations choose to pay workers their normal wage.

There may be changes to Traineeships and funding for Traineeships in the future.

There is financial assistance available for Traineeships from both Commonwealth and Victorian Governments. The Commonwealth Government has a range of incentives for rural and regional workers, mature aged workers, people with a disability, etc. For more information on the financial assistance that may be available:


The material on this page has been adapted from the Home and Community Care (HACC) Community Care Worker Human Resources Kit 2007 (external link - opens in a new window).

Supported by the Community Sector Investment Fund (external link - opens in a new window).