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Preventing accidents

Accidents can be prevented by implementing safe driving policies and procedures, choosing vehicles with safety features, educating employees and regularly servicing and checking vehicles for safety.

Accidents are more common in the following circumstances so education and implementation of procedures or preventative measures to handle them can reduce accidents:

  • intersections
  • reversing
  • parking
  • overtaking
  • turning
  • pedestrians and bicycles
  • adverse road or weather conditions, for example rain, fog, ice, night driving or winding, narrow roads
  • driver fatigue
  • speeding
  • mechanical failure
  • failure of driver to indicate, give way or maintain safe distance between vehicles
  • obstructions to view.

Vehicle features and equipment which can help prevent accidents include:

  • sensor cameras for parking
  • anti-lock Braking System (ABS) - prevents wheel lockup and skidding in emergency braking
  • daytime running lights - activate when vehicle is switched on
  • over-speed warning devices
  • seat adjustment
  • steering wheel adjustment
  • power steering
  • mirrors - electronically controlled mirrors allow for easier re-adjustment for individual driver needs.

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