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Accident Records

If an injury or vehicle damage occurred in a traffic accident, records can be obtained from Victoria Police including a copy of the collision report. There are strict guidelines about release of this information. The application forms are available from:

Community service organisations should record details of all accidents and monitor the incidence of accidents and then take preventative action to decrease future similar incidents including attention to driving policies, driver education, vehicle features and other aspects of fleet management one community service organisation decided to change from using a manual step for a small bus to an automatic step because its staff found that it was common for drivers to forget to stow the manual step.The organisation also installed sensor cameras to assist drivers with parking. These can be especially useful for vans and buses. Monitoring accidents can also assist in assessing performance of fleet management policies and procedures, drivers and vehicles and identifying areas for improvement.

The following document from Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils includes a template for an accident damage report form and a vehicle accident data form:

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