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Modifying vehicles for special needs

Community service organisations often need to modify vehicles for special needs, for example altering access to accommodate wheelchairs or installing car seat harnesses designed for people with disabilities. The following topics provide information about modification of vehicles including modification of buses.

  •  Types of modifications
    Examples of areas on vehicles that may need to be modified for special needs.
  •  Standards
    Modifications must not adversely affect the structural integrity of the vehicle, its handling characteristics or compliance with the relevant standards for registration.
  •  Disposal of modified vehicles
    Information on disposal of modified vehicles.
  •  Tax and motor vehicle duty exemptions
    Information about tax and motor vehicle duty exemptions for vehicles modified to transport disabled people.
  •  Where to obtain modifications
    Links to some suppliers located in Victoria offering vehicle modification services.
  •  Where to buy modified vehicles
    Links to websites where vehicles modified or designed for special needs are advertised for sale, and providers of vehicles custom-built for special needs.


Staff of organisations funded by the Department of Human Services, Department of Health or Department of Education and Early Childhood Development can access the 'Disability Accommodation Services - vehicle assessment form' from the Resources section of My Agency.

This form is used to assess the needs of residents and staff of DHS-managed disability accommodation when:

  • a vehicle is due to be replaced
  • residents' transport needs change
  • if a bus is to be received for the first time.

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