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Managing pooled vehicles

When vehicles are pooled, it is important to implement procedures for vehicle management and responsibility for such tasks should be delegated to appropriate staff.

Following is a list of areas to consider when implementing policies and procedures for pooled vehicle management:

  • vehicle cleanliness
  • servicing and maintenance
  • vehicle security
  • safety
  • vehicle booking, assignment and return
  • accident and emergency procedures
  • driver licencing and traffic infringements
  • vehicle problem reporting
  • registration and insurance
  • personal vehicle use
  • vehicle usage policies, for example fuel, garaging and private use.

Accompanying documentation for vehicle trips should include:

  • logbook or log sheets
  • fuel card
  • contact telephone numbers
  • accident procedures and other relevant instructions.

Vehicle log sheets should be completed with the following details for each trip:

  • start and end dates and times
  • start and end odometer readings
  • number of business or private kilometres driven
  • destination
  • purpose
  • driver's full name.

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