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Repairs and breakdowns

Where to get a vehicle repaired

For a new vehicle still under warranty, contact the dealer where the vehicle was purchased about any repairs or vehicle problems. For other vehicles, it is not mandatory for repairs to be performed by the dealer where the vehicle was bought but it is advisable to engage a licenced repairer approved by RACV or Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce.

Working with repairers

Consumer Affairs Victoria advises car owners to know the symptoms of a problem before approaching a repairer and to get a detailed written quote beforehand including:

  • work to be done
  • parts supplied (new, reconditioned or second-hand)
  • time to complete repair
  • method of payment
  • cost.

Test-drive the vehicle with the repairer to demonstrate the problem if necessary and stipulate that no extra work is to be carried out unless authorised by you.

Roadside assistance

It is advisable to provide a roadside assistance service for breakdowns and to develop procedures to follow in the event of a breakdown. Make telephone numbers for roadside assistance easily accessible in all vehicles or in accompanying trip documentation and ensure that employees know where they can locate these details.

Manufacturers often provide complimentary roadside assistance for new vehicles for a specified amount of time e.g. three years for Holden and Ford.

Tracking repairs and breakdowns

Monitoring repairs and breakdowns across a fleet can assist in identifying patterns of vehicle problems.

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