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Transporting wheelchairs

Restraining a wheelchair in a vehicle

The Australian Standard AS 2942 – 1994 Wheelchair Occupant Restraint Assemblies for Motor Vehicles specifies requirements for restraint systems for common wheelchair types and their occupants in vehicles. In Victoria, the installation of a wheelchair occupant restraint assembly must be approved by a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme authority.

It is not advisable to use homemade solutions to restrain wheelchairs, equipment or seats in vehicles. While these solutions may be sufficiently secure in normal circumstances, there's a high chance that they won't remain secure in crash conditions.

More information:

Loading a wheelchair into a vehicle

The Independent Living Centre of South Australia provides tips on selecting equipment for loading a wheelchair or scooter into a vehicle:

Using a wheelchair as a seat in a vehicle

Not all wheelchairs are suitable to be used as a seat in a vehicle and it is often safer for a wheelchair user to transfer to a vehicle seat. The Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centre on Wheelchair Transportation Safety at the University of Pittsburgh provides some Frequently Asked Questions related to travelling in a vehicle while seated in a wheelchair:

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