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Maintaining a bus or van

There are additional maintenance checks and tasks to perform on buses and vans.  Specialised vehicles like buses and modified vehicles may be replaced less often than cars so it is crucial that an effective maintenance regime is in place especially as vehicles get older.

The following handbook provides information on maintenance checks to perform on heavy vehicles such as buses including daily and after-departure checks. It also includes checks owners should ensure are included in regular mechanical inspections. Many of these are also relevant for the maintenance of light vehicles:

Other aspects of maintenance and servicing which you may need to consider for buses and vans include:

  • keeping the vehicle clean
  • availability of spare parts
  • access to local expertise for servicing and repairs.

Equipment installed in buses and vans for special purposes also needs to be regularly checked and serviced such as:

  • wheelchair hoists and other lifting devices
  • wheelchair restraints and harnesses
  • special-purpose seats
  • medical equipment.

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