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Driving a bus or van

Licences for driving a bus or van

Types of licences required to drive different sized buses and vans.

  1. Small bus or van seating up to 12 people including the driver and up to 4.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM:)
    • car licence required.
    • light rigid licence with heavy vehicle endorsement required.
  2. Bus seating more than 12 people or greater than 4.5 tonnes but less than 8 tonnes GVM:
    • medium rigid licence with heavy vehicle endorsement required.
  3. Rigid bus with 2 axles and greater than 8 tonnes GVM:
    • heavy rigid licence with heavy vehicle endorsement required.
  4. Rigid bus with 3 or more axles and greater than 8 tonnes GVM:

More information:

Bus operator accreditation

In Victoria, accreditation is required for operators of buses with 13 or more seats including the driver, providing the following services:

  • scheduled services including metropolitan and regional route bus services, school bus services, inter-town coach services and airport bus services
  • non-scheduled services such as tourist coach services and charter buses and coaches
  • non-commercial services including private buses, courtesy buses and hire and drive buses.

Public Transport Safety Victoria coordinates the accreditation of bus operators throughout Victoria:

Victorian bus and truck drivers handbook

Training staff to operate a bus or van

Apart from any training required to obtain special licences and permits for driving buses, drivers and staff may also need training on:

  • driving when carrying passengers
  • needs of clients using the vehicle
  • using hoists and other modifications
  • getting in and out of the vehicle
  • manual handling
  • breakdown, accident and maintenance procedures
  • vehicle booking and logbook procedures
  • wheelchair and other restraint systems
  • securing objects and equipment.

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