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Placement and Support

Client Relationship Information System for Service Providers (CRISSP) assists community service organisations to share and manage information sensitively to support children and young peoples best interests and effectively protect their rights to privacy and confidentiality in a secure environment. CRISSPenables workers in Placement and Support to record all work undertaken with clients, their families and/or caregivers.

Services currently using CRISSP include:

  • Home Based Care
  • Adolescent Community Placement
  • Therapeutic Foster Care
  • Residential Care
  • Families First.

CRISSP for Placement and Support has been implemented across Victoria for all community service organisations.

Reporting to the department

CRISSP enables community service organisations to record placements and services provided that can be submitted to the department to meet reporting requirements.

All Placement and Support funded community service organisations are required to use CRISSP to meet reporting requirements to the department.

Placement and Support practice and guidelines

The Placement and Support business practice guidelines is intended to provide workers with an overview of CRISSP including the core components of the system's functionality and the 'business practice rules' to support the processes undertaken in relation to a Child Protection client.