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Case Development Suspended (June 2012).

Between early 2010 and 2012 the family services sector participated in the design of a Family Services CRISSP case. This collaborative process has contributed to the sector and the department jointly considering a contemporary data collection system, with the aim of assisting us all to better understand the families whom we provide a service to, their needs and the types of responses they are provided.

In 2012 the department is experiencing significant Government and departmental reforms, including the restructure of the department, all within an environment of economic constraint.

Additionally the Victoria's Vulnerable Children - Our Shared Responsibility Directions Paper (May 2012) provides the policy direction for the Government's response to vulnerable children and families. The Directions Paper includes a focus on the need to improve the quality and consistency of the data within and across government and government funded services.

These significant reforms have meant a need to review the progress of the Family Services CRISSP case and the decision taken is to suspend the project until such time that the department is in a position to provide direction regarding future data collection and client management systems for family services within the context of these areas of reform.

The IRIS data collection system will continue to be used by family services and the department to collect and analyse data relating to family services activities. Where possible, improvements identified for the family services CRISSP case are being incorporated into IRIS.

The input of many people from the field into the family services CRISSP case will not be lost as this input will be available for the future development of the system for family services.

If you have further queries regarding the family services CRISSP case please contact your regional family services program advisor.