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Disability Services

Client Relationship Information System for Service Providers (CRISSP) assists community service organisations to share and manage information sensitively to support their clients; effectively protect their rights to privacy and confidentiality in a secure environment; and allow people including former clients, to appropriately access records regarding services provided to them.

Services currently using CRISSP include:

  • accommodation services, such as respite and shared supported accommodation
  • day programs
  • individual support packages
  • case management
  • Home and Community Care (HACC)
  • Psychiatric Disability Rehabilitation and Support Services (PDRSS).

CRISSP enables workers in Disability Services to report to the department for quarterly data collection, use a range of case management functions and plan and monitor expenditure for Individual Support Packages.

CRISSP is also used by external facilitators who are responsible for developing funding proposals for Individual Support Packages.

Reporting to the Department of Human Services

CRISSP enables community service organisations to record and submit their Quarterly Data Collection (QDC) requirements, including HACC and PDRSS. Users are able to record client demographics, service hours and team hours, as per the QDC requirements.

Disability Services practice and guidelines

The Individual Support Package-Funding Proposal (ISP-FP) business practice guidelines is intended to provide workers with an overview process of the automated funding proposal within CRISSP, including the related components of the system's functionality and the 'business practice rules'.

The out of home care business rules provides practice rules to be followed by departmental staff and staff of registered disability service providers when recording details of a child living in out-of-home care in DS-CRIS and DS-CRISSP component.