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Organisation Authorities

The Organisation Authority (OA) is the person within an agency who will be responsible for validating users in their organisation that require access to the Client Relationship Information System for Service Providers (CRISSP) system (and the Client Relationship Information System (CRIS) system for Contracted Case Management).

It is the single most important role in the relationship between an organisation and the department in deciding who should have authorised access.

CRISSP information for Organisation Authorities

The registration of an organisation is essential for gaining access to CRISSP (and CRIS where required). The information provided through the registration process is utilised to configure relevant aspects of CRISSP (and CRIS) to the needs and structures of the organisation implementing CRISSP (and CRIS). This includes setting up the organisation in the departments eBusiness environment, which is the portal to accessing CRISSP and CRIS applications.

The department's eBusiness environment is the technological infrastructure that supports internet facing applications, such as CRISSP and CRIS, along with appropriate standards, policies and processes. Due to the need of security measures, the department's eBusiness environment has been setup with a number of key roles, which allows the many administrative tasks to be conducted by individuals with the greatest interest in the correct administration of these tasks. One of those roles is the Organisation Authority.

Organisations must nominate both a primary contact and one or more secondary contacts within their organisation to be appointed as an Organisation Authority. Secondary contacts are required to validate access when the primary contact is not available.

Further information regarding the Organisation Authority processes, roles and responsibilities can be obtained by downloading the following documents: