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Benefits and key features of Client Relationship Information System for Service Providers (CRISSP)


CRISSP provides an extensive range of functions for recording client information, assisting case management and enabling electronic reporting of data required by the Department of Human Services.

Key features

CRISSP is designed to assist staff from community service organisations improve services to clients and make reporting to the Department of Human Services easier.

Creating and maintaining client records

  • easy to use
  • easy to access
  • access to Human Services Directory
  • sharing information on common clients
  • confidentiality and security features
  • installation, maintenance and support provided
  • creating and maintaining client records
  • CRISSP enables organisations to create and maintain their client records electronically, allowing easy completion of case files.

Workflow management

CRISSP has inbuilt workflows that can assist community service organisation staff easily undertake tasks such as client intake, assessment and referral, case planning and reviews, service intervention, case closure and follow up.

Access to information

CRISSP can guide community service organisations staff to useful service related information when they need it.

Common clients

Some clients receive services from a range of community service organisations and the Department of Human Services. Where appropriate, CRISSP can inform a caseworker if their client is also a client of the department or another community service organisation. CRISSP can provide contact details for the other caseworkers involved. This function will support and improve service coordination. This function complies with privacy legislation.

Confidentiality and security

CRISSP supports privacy compliant practices in line with the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic) and the Health Records Act 2001 (Vic).

Client records are fully secure on CRISSP. Security measures ensure that only authorised users are allowed to access information required for their client work. The Department of Human Services does not have access to organisations client records on CRISSP.

Installation, maintenance and support

The Department of Human Services provides and maintains the system. No installation is required by the organisation. The Department also provides support with implementation including:

  • change management advice
  • new starter and refresher training
  • user guides
  • on-site support
  • help desk assistance.