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Funded Agency Channel

Frequently asked questions

Can I share my username and password?

You should not share your username and password because the other person:

  • may not be authorised to have the same level of access, or
  • may leave the organisation, and will have access to the secure information about your organisation (if they have their own username and password, they can be de-registered).

Why do I have to log into eBusiness to access My Agency?

The Department of Human Services (DHS) eBusiness portal is the department's secure gateway through which a number of applications are accessed by our service partners and is provided for use as a shared service application between DHS, Department of Health and Department of Education, Early Childhood and Development. This is in readiness for the new Service Agreement Module which will be available to authorised My Agency users in September, 2011.

How do I change my personal details and/or email address in eBusiness?

Once logged into the eBusiness Portal (external link - opens in a new window), you can update your personal details by selecting the My Profile tab.

Your registered information will display and you can make any changes to your Personal Details or Identity Details. Once you have made your changes, click the Save button.

What access levels are available in My Agency?

There is only one level of access available in My Agency which allows users to view funding and payment details, data collection requirements and service standards and guidelines.

What if someone no longer works for my organisation?

Their access will need to be deleted, so they no longer have access to the secure information about your organisation. You only need to send an email to the Funded Agency Channel (FAC) at:

In your email, state the person's full name and name of your organsiation and that they no longer require access. FAC will organise to delete their access to FAC (My Agency), SAM (Service Agreement Module) and will also request that their eBusiness account be deleted.

What is an Organisation Authority?

The responsibilities of an Organisation Authority include:

  • authorising new user requests for your organisation
  • updating organisation details (in eBusiness only)
  • creating one or more secondary Organisation Authorities.

If you are unsure who your Organisation Authority is, you can contact the eBusiness eBusiness Support Service (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday) on 1300 799 470 (toll free). Select support option 1 (for assistance with eBusiness).

How do I log out of My Agency?

Click on the logout button on the top left hand corner of the screen. This will take you back to the eBusiness Login screen.

Note: you will be automatically logged out:

  • if you do not use My Agency for 15 minutes
  • after 1 hour of use, or
  • if you turn off your computer.

Why can’t I access My Agency reports?

You must have Funded Agency Channel access to view reports containing financial information. You must be logged into My Agency to view reports as they contain secure information about your organisation.

Note: will be automatically logged out of My Agency:

  • if you do not use My Agency for 15 minutes
  • after 1 hour of use, or
  • if you turn off your computer.