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Funded Agency Channel

Accessing My Agency for departmental users

My Agency is the secure area of Funded Agency Channel.

In addition to Service Agreement and Data reporting accessible by funded organisations, My Agency is the section where departmental staff can access:

  • Desktop Reviews
  • Service Data and
  • Regional Reports.

For all Department of Health and Human Services departmental users, My Agency can only be accessed via the My Agency link within the Applications and Tools tabs of the workspace portal.  Workspace portal is only accessible via departmental workstations or via Remote Secure Access (RSA) using a secure token.

When accessing My Agency through workspace portal, you will not need to log in as access is granted through single sign on. As long as you are logged into the network at your work station or through RSA, you will have direct access to My Agency through the workspace portal. Once you have accessed My Agency you may add the link to your favorites.

A link to the Funded Agency Channel public facing web site, which you are now viewing, is available on the human services and health hubs.

For Department of Education & Training (DET) departmental users who have access to the workspace portal via departmental workstations or via RSA using a secure token, please refer to above instructions

For DET departmental users who do not have workspace portal access, contact the Funded Agency Channel (FAC) Helpdesk via email at for instructions on how to register and access My Agency.

Please note: As a departmental user, you will not be able to access My Agency through the My Agency tab in the left hand side navigation panel of the Funded Agency Channel public facing website (this site).  This link is dedicated to funded organisation access and will take you to the eBusiness login page.  Departmental staff are not required to have eBusiness usernames and passwords  to access My Agency and as such, must now access My Agency via a departmental workstation.