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Victorian Housing Register online application for organisations

The Victorian Housing Register application for organisations has been specifically developed for support agencies and registered community housing organisations assisting clients applying for social housing.

With the application you can help clients to apply for social housing through the Victorian Housing Register.

The Victorian Housing Register is the new way applications for social housing are managed in Victoria. It brings together all the public and community housing applications for housing so that applicants only need to apply once

The online application allows you to:

  • answer questions that relate to the client’s current situation
  • save and edit draft applications
  • withdraw draft applications that are no longer required
  • submit applications electronically with supporting documentation attached
  • keep track of the applications created by your organisation
  • recommend or approve your client to the Victorian Housing Register

The application can be used in situations such as:

  • assisting clients who have a priority housing need such as homelessness or escaping family violence
  • assisting clients with supported or specialist accommodation requirements
  • assisting clients who need general support to access the register

How to access the online application

The Victorian Housing Register application is accessed through the Department of Health and Human Services eBusiness portal [external link, opens in a new window]. If you already have a login to eBusiness for Funded Agency Channel or another application you will need to add VHR as an application to your existing account.

Staff who need to complete applications will require an eBusiness account and EPRIN (a unique number which identifies the organisation). The organisation must firstly have an eBusiness account before staff can register for their own accounts.

My organisation has an eBusiness account

If your organisation has an eBusiness account, staff members who need to submit housing applications may or may not have their own eBusiness account. In both instances the steps for staff to register and obtain access to the Victorian Housing Register Application can be found in the ‘Victorian Housing Register Application eBusiness registration guide’ in the Downloads section below.

My organisation needs an eBusiness account

The CEO will need to complete the registration process if your organisation does not have an eBusiness account. Please email to request a DHHS eBiz Access Agreement.

If your organisation does not have an EPRIN please email 

This information is also available in the fact sheet ‘Information about the online application for organisations’ in the Downloads section below.