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Victorian Housing Register

The Victorian Housing Register is now live. 

Phase 1 sees all existing public housing applications, as well as all new applications, form part of the Victorian Housing Register.

Department of Health and Human Service staff will be using the Victorian Housing Register to manage and allocate public housing properties to client.

Referrals to community housing under the referral protocol will also be drawn from the Victorian Housing Register.

Phase 2, scheduled for 2017, will see the community housing lists merge into the Victorian Housing Register and Housing Associations and Providers working in the register

What's changed?

  • Eligibility framework and Operational guidelines are now available.
  • Online application for social housing is now live for both clients and organisations.
  • Please note: organisations should now only use the online application to register live applications - the system is no longer to be used for test purposes.
  • Information is now available on the proposed changes to the Housing Act 1983.

Need Help?

  • Policy questions about Victorian Housing Register eligibility and operational guidelines, email or call 1800 128 496
  • For organisations needing assistance in using the online housing registration, telephone 1800 149 361

What is the Victorian Housing Register?

On 18 September 2015, Minister for Housing, Disability and Ageing, Martin Foley announced the creation of a Housing Register to consolidate all social housing applications into a single register.

The register will improve the service provided to clients seeking housing by streamlining access to a broader range of social housing options. There will be a common housing application process and a mechanism for all social housing organisations to access one register to allocate vacant properties.

The register is being designed and implemented in partnership between the community housing sector, the homelessness services sector, including family violence, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

Victorian Housing Register online application for organisations

Information and documents for an organisation's online application can be found on the Victorian Housing Register online application for organisations [external link, opens in a new window] web page.

Community Housing Allocations Framework now available for comment

The Community Housing Allocations Framework for the Victorian Housing Register [external link, opens in a new window] is available for public comment until 15 September 2017. The link contain the Framework and supporting documents.

Policy and operational guidelines

The Victorian Housing Register policy and operational guidelines [external link, opens in a new window] web page contains the documents to support the use of the register

Changes to the Housing Act 1983

The Victorian Government has recently amended the Housing Act 1983 through the Housing Amendments (Victorian Housing Register and Other Matters) Bill 2016 (the Bill).

This Bill provides the necessary legal assurance to both the Department and the sector that information is being shared in an authorised, transparent and lawful way including in the Victorian Housing Register.

The information sharing requirements in the Bill support disadvantaged Victorians and provide more personalised and targeted housing outcomes.  Outcomes that best meet the individual’s identified safety, support and health needs; thereby facilitating more sustainable social housing tenancies.

Information about the Bill can be found in the downloads section below.

More information

For more information about the Victorian Housing Register, email: