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Homelessness and housing reform launch sites

Everybody deserves a place to call home.

The number of Victorians experiencing homelessness, housing stress and seeking assistance from homelessness services is growing. Yet increased investment over the last five years has not been able to stem the tide of homelessness.  Increased investment alone will not have the impact we, and the thousands of people at risk of homelessness, need.  We need to work differently.

Three launch sites will build on good practice that has emerged and will introduce a new approach to bring the housing and homelessness sectors closer together so that people who are homeless or experiencing crisis are housed and supported more quickly and effectively.

The design of the launch sites is in line with the government’s response to the Royal Commission into Family Violence’s recommendations and broader reform agenda.

Selected sites

The Brimbank Melton, Hume Moreland and Inner Gippsland areas have been selected to launch this new way of working and will link in with current and previous work undertaken by the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) and its partners in the community services sector in these areas to create a more integrated and effective experience for people.

New initiatives

As part of the new way of working, the launch sites will test a suite of initiatives including:

  • a consistent approach to needs assessment and triaging by all service providers - to ensure people are directed to the supports they need quickly and effectively, and are not bounced around the system
  • choice based letting - to empower social housing tenants to choose where they live and have control over their lives
  • enhanced private rental assistance  to help people who are homeless or at risk get safe and stable housing
  • outcome focused individual support to help people sustain housing.

Design and go live

The department is working with service users and our community sector partners in each location.

Four service elements have been endorsed for co design: access and pathways, flexible funding, consistent approach to assessment and client support.

A co design process will start in October with a focus on access and pathways, and flexible funding approaches.

The outcomes of the co design will then be trialled in the launch sites.

Launch sites framework

The framework will guide launch site stakeholders through the process of redesigning delivery and rethinking how we use our resources (funding, people, physical and social capital) to deliver better outcomes for people who are homeless or in housing crisis.