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Critical client incident reporting - Department of Human Services

Under the Critical client incident management instruction technical update 2014 (the instruction) all services delivered directly by Department of Human Services are required to report critical incidents involving or impacting upon clients that occur at the service or during service delivery.

Most incidents reported under the instruction are considered allegations as they are yet to be proven. The key reason for reporting incidents is to learn from them and if possible, prevent their recurrence. Without a detailed analysis of incidents affecting clients, we may fail to uncover problems that are potential hazards to client or staff.

Incidents are to be reported to the department using the Department of Human Services client incident report form.

Completed client incident reports must be faxed to the Department of Human Services on 1300 734 633.

Review of the critical client incident management approach

As part of the program of work to strengthen existing safeguards against violence, neglect and abuse of vulnerable people in care, the Department of Human Services has commenced work to improve and update the departmental incident reporting approach.

For more information about the review, refer to the Critical client incident management document below.



Supporting material

More information

For more information about critical client incident management, please contact your Department of Human Services divisional representative.