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Advantages of using Whole of Victorian Government contracts

Below are some advantages of using Whole of Victorian Government contracts:

  • access to the buying power of a very large group
  • suppliers are selected using rigorous processes to ensure they meet the Victorian Government procurement objective of value for money
  • supplier performance levels are agreed in advance for example customer service levels, accuracy and timeliness of transaction data such as invoices and provision of reports in agreed format and on time
  • contracted suppliers can be engaged with relative ease
  • purchasing processes have been streamlined to be as simple as possible
  • price and performance of suppliers is monitored for continuous improvement
  • availability of the required goods or services may be more assured
  • monthly sales, performance and usage reports are often an agreed service provided by suppliers
  • processes for resolving issues of under-performance or pricing and other disagreements are in place
  • compared to ad hoc purchasing, the option of paying invoices monthly for some contracts can increase transactional efficiencies.