Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework

CRAF manual cover

The Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework, also known as the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF), has been designed to help practitioners working in a wide range of fields to understand and identify risk factors associated with family violence and respond consistently and appropriately.

The framework comprises six components to identify and respond to victims of family violence:

  • a shared understanding of risk and family violence across all service providers
  • a standardised approach to recognising and assessing risk
  • appropriate referral pathways and information sharing
  • risk management strategies that include ongoing assessment and case management
  • consistent data collection and analysis to ensure the system is able to respond to changing priorities
  • quality assurance strategies and measures that underpin a philosophy of continuous improvement.

Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework manual, fact sheet and referral guide

The framework manual, including Practice Guides 1-3, and an information sharing factsheet are available via the links at the bottom of this page.

Available resources are:

  • Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework manual (PDF)
  • Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework manual (accessible text versions)
  • Information Sharing in the Context of Family Violence (PDF) (this resource is being updated).

Resources detailing referral options are available via the following links:

Common Risk Assessment Framework training is designed to suit a range of professionals according to their level of engagement with victims of family violence. There are two levels of training are:

  • Preliminary Risk Assessment – four-hour session – for mainstream professionals such as; housing and disability workers, child protection workers, legal practitioners, primary and mental health professionals.
  • Risk Assessment for Specialist Family Violence Workers – one-day session – for practitioners working in a family violence specialist service or role.

Further information on the CRAF training program: including training types, the training calendar, enrolment information and forms can be found on the The Lookout family violence practitioner website.

eCRAF training

The first eCRAF training module is now available. The module provides core knowledge on the integrated family violence system, and how to identify and respond to a victim of family violence. This module is free and can be undertaken by a wide range of individuals and organisations to support induction, refresher training and professional development.

The core training module can be accessed through The Lookout website:

Further modules covering content on the three CRAF practice guides (identification, preliminary risk assessment and comprehensive or ‘specialist’ risk assessment) will be released throughout 2015 and will be freely accessible through The Lookout website.

The three practice guide modules will be suited to support family violence practitioners and professionals who work with women experiencing family violence to identify and respond to associated risk factors, at a level that is appropriate to their role.

The full suite of modules will provide consistent content and learning outcomes to the CRAF training sessions.

Review of the Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework (CRAF)

Monash University recently reviewed the Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework (CRAF) on behalf of the Victorian Government.

The review is part of the Victorian Government’s response to the first recommendation from the Royal Commission into Family Violence, which calls for a best-practice framework which reflects the needs of the diverse range of family violence victims and perpetrators. The Victorian Government would like to thank the 1,100 people and 127 organisations from all over Victoria that contributed to the review.

The review will inform the redevelopment of the CRAF which will be completed by 31 December 2017.

The Review of Family Violence Risk Assessment and Risk Management Framework is now available to be downloaded.


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