Workforce training

The Victorian Government has allocated $2.1 million over three years to develop an industry plan for the community-managed industry.

Part of that plan is the development of a workforce strategy to improve the qualifications, skills and career paths of workers in the community-managed industry.

The workforce strategy will focus on three critical areas: individual staff and workers, the organisations that employ these workers and the industry overall.

The workforce strategy aims to:

  • Develop a professional learning and development plan for workers, that is adaptable to both current and future issues
  • Investigate current best industry practices on recruitment, retention, reward and recognition that can be used by organisations to assist in workforce planning
  • Consider opportunities to create an industry of choice that is recognised for its flexible, attractive and sustainable employment opportunities and is acknowledged as delivering high quality services to disadvantaged Victorians

Improving their learning and capabilities means staff of community-managed organisations will ultimately achieve more for people in need.

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