Rooming Houses

The department is working with Consumer Affairs Victoria to regulate and improve conditions in Victoria's private rooming house market and to create more not-for-profit rooming house accommodation.

Residents of a rooming or boarding house have an individual agreement with their rooming house owner/manager and only have exclusive possession to their room with a right to shared access to communal facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and living areas.

Rooming houses must be registered with the local council.

Improving private rooming houses

New Rooming House regulations have been made that include a suite of 11 new standards for rooming houses, which focus on improving privacy, safety and amenity for rooming house residents. The new standards will be enforced by Consumer Affairs Victoria (CAV) from 31 March 2013.

Consumer Affairs Victoria conducted Compliance Assistance Visits in advance of 31 March 2013 to give rooming house owners some indication as to the likelihood of their property complying with the new standards.

Further information about the new standards, and guidance on how to comply with them, is available on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.

Consumer Affairs Victoria has established a public register of rooming houses. This allows the public to check if a rooming house is registered with the local council.

Looking for accommodation

If you are looking for accommodation, contact your nearest homelessness entry point for assistance by calling 1800 825 955, or see the list of homelessness entry points across Victoria on the Crisis accommodation webpage on the Housing website.

Or, you can apply for public housing. See the Public housing application forms webpage on this site.

  • Rooming house reform

    The Department of Human Services, Housing and Community Building Division has created a statewide register of rooming houses, using information about rooming houses registered by councils under the Public Health and Wellbeing (PHW) Act and Regulations.

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