Disability Donations Trust

The Disability Donations Trust (The Trust) is part of the Psychiatric Illness and Intellectual Disabilities Donations Trust Fund (PIIDDTF), a set of charitable bequests and donations. The Trust provides grants to people with a disability to assist in meeting needs they are otherwise unable to afford. Funds are held and invested by State Trustees Ltd and managed by the Department of Human Services.

Grants for individuals

Grants are available for people experiencing financial hardship and can be used to purchase supports that specifically meet the disability-related needs and goals of the applicant. Grants are only available to applicants who are unable to access assistance from government funding programs or other funding sources.

Some of the bequests are only available to residents or former residents of residential institutes, or to those with an intellectual disability.

Funding rounds

Grants are made twice a year, with applications closing on 31 March and 30 September.

How to apply

Applications for a grant must be completed by a support worker, such as a Department of Human Services case manager, short-term response team member, information and triage officer or house Supervisor, or an equivalent position in a disability services provider.

Before completing an application, please read the Disability Donations Trust guidelines, which is available on this site:

The application form is available to download on this site:

Grants for organisations

Some grants are available to suitable charitable and not-for-profit community service organisations in the disability sector, the Department of Human Services and research institutions.

The Herbert Allen Bequest can be used to provide bus excursions for intellectually disabled children between the ages of 8 and 18, including board and lodging and other incidental expenses.

The General Research Account can be used for providing grants for research projects in the area of disability to benefit people with a disability in Victoria. Grants are currently being considered for this fund. Please see the Disability Donations Trust Research Grants section above.

The organisations must be able to fulfill the specific purpose of these bequests. Grants cannot be awarded for any activity considered the normal responsibility of government or to government-funded organisations for activities funded by government.

Separate guidelines and application forms for these grants will be posted on this website prior to opening an application round.

Disability Donations Trust research grants

The Victorian Department of Human Services recently called for organisations to submit research funding applications for grants from the Disability Donations Trust.

The research must benefit children and young people, up to 19 years of age, with an intellectual disability. The research is required to focus on high-need groups within this cohort and be able to make a ‘significant impact’ on current disability policy and practice to improve their quality of life.

Applications will be assessed by the Centre for Human Services Research and Evaluation.

The deadline to submit research grant applications has now passed, and applicants will be contacted shortly. For any queries, please email:chsre@dhs.vic.gov.au.

Contact information

Grants for people with an intellectual disability - Concessions and Statewide Contracts:

Telephone: (03) 9096 8535
Email: disabilitydonationstrust@dhs.vic.gov.au

Grants for people with a psychiatric illness - Mental Health: tel (03) 9096 8000

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