Registration requirements for community services


A service provider that holds a Service Agreement with the Department of Health and Human Services to deliver community-based child and family services and/or out-of-home care are required to apply for registration as a community service under the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005. In most cases, this will be stipulated as a condition of funding.

Service providers that apply for initial registration under the Children, Youth and Families Act must demonstrate their capacity to comply with the Human Services Standards (Standards) (gazetted as Department of Health and Human Services Standards) via the department’s Self-assessment report and quality improvement plan, along with the File audit tools, and undertake an independent review within 12 months of registration.

A self-assessment and independent review within 12 months of registration are not required where a service provider, with the department’s approval, is exempt from an independent review or accreditation against the Standards has already been achieved.

Registered service providers are required to demonstrate compliance with the Standards at the time of renewal of registration.

Register of community services

Section 54 of the Act requires the department to keep and make publicly available a Register of community services.

The register is a list of department funded organisations that deliver community-based child, family and out-of-home care services. The details required to be kept on the register include the name, address, contact details of the community service and category of registration.

The current register was updated on 26 June 2017 and is available below to download.

View the Policy, procedures and forms for the registration of disability service providers and community services.

Download Register

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