Community service organisations

Placing children and young people’s best interests at the heart of decision-making and activity is key to the department's vision for providing children with the best possible start in life.

All community service organisations are committed to delivering high quality services for children and families. The department continues to build on a strong history of community service organisations, peak bodies, the Office of the Child Safety Commissioner and the department working together to strengthen service model effectiveness and quality.

The department recognises that a culture of continuous quality improvement, which is essential to high quality services, is best achieved through self-regulatory approaches and leadership from within the sector. The department supports community service organisations to meet quality requirements and promote continuous improvement by:

  • working with peak and other organisations to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and learning on a local, regional and statewide basis
  • working with community service organisations to evaluate and undertake research into service models and practices, focused on improving child safety, stability and healthy development
  • developing a workforce planning and training strategy to build leadership skills within the sector and increase the capacity of staff to improve services.

Human Services Standards

From 1 July 2012 the Human Services Standards replaced the former Registration Standards for Community Service Organisations. Funded organisations in scope will need to transition to the Human Services Standards.

Information regarding the Standards is available on this website.

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