Offices protecting rights

The department is committed to the support and protection of vulnerable people.

A number of independent bodies work with the department to safeguard the interests of these people in Victoria.

Every person has dignity and value and one way of recognising this fundamental worth is by acknowledging and respecting a person's human rights.

The department is required to act compatibly with human rights and to take human rights into consideration whenever they make a decision. This principle applies to all services provided by the department.

  • Commission for Children and Young People

    The Commission reports directly to Parliament and is independent of government. Its primary role is the promotion of continuous improvement and innovation in policies and practices relating to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people generally, and in particular those who are vulnerable and the provision of out of home care services for children.

  • Disability Services Commissioner

    The Commissioner has been created to work with people with a disability and disability service providers to resolve complaints and to improve services for people with a disability in Victoria.

  • Office of Professional Practice

    The Office of Professional Practice within the Department of Human Services drives best practice to deliver positive outcomes for people who access human services.

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